FAQ & Quick guides

The Fusion Plus® is an all pressure shower mixer with patented technology that allows for full front of wall access for maintenance and future upgrades — without removing the faceplate.

Find out more on Our Innovations page here. 

This information is also available via the shower mixer installation guides on the product page.

Please check the installation guide of the product you are fitting, as it contains a page which shows you how to remove the cartridge disc to clean the cold line mesh filter. You can access the installation guide on the product page.

We don’t recommend home owners to pull apart their shower mixer. Please get your plumber to check which version you have.

A leaking shower mixer could be caused by a few different reasons. Please get a plumber to check if any seals need replacing. If they do, please take a picture of your shower mixer and email your query to technical@felton.co.nz and we can assist further.

A stiff handle is often caused by a stiff cartridge. One common reason for a stiff cartridge is due to limescale build up in the cartridge or the internal cartridge lubricant is washed out of the cartridge over time. Our recommendation is to contact a certified plumber to replace your cartridge when this happens. If you know what shower mixer you have, please click here for cartridge selection guide.

Get your plumber to check the anti-scald and flow limiter settings on the cartridge in the first instance.

It may have been installed with the incorrect venturi jet. Please call us on 0800 743 358 and we can assist you.

The Fusion Plus® shower mixer comes with a 10 year warranty from the date of purchase.
If you are unsure how long you have had the mixer, please call us on 0800 743 358 and we can assist you.

The alternative jet (4 spanner flats) has a smaller venturi, allowing less cold water and therefore greater temperature control at high cold pressures. The standard venturi jet has 2 spanner flats and is factory fitted if you have unequal pressure.

Fusion plus brass jet

If you have brass jets and disc, please check our innovations page here for the available spare parts.