FAQ & Quick guides


  • Limescale/calcification build up
  • Foreign matter/debris


  • If there is a build-up of limescale - remove with a fingernail or a soft brush
  • Foreign matter/debris - some shower heads and handpieces can be dismantled for cleaning however most cannot. Please call us and we can confirm if cleaning is possible. We recommend a suitable filter is installed in all domestic and commercial situations to protect the entire property.

If cleaning is required follow the steps below.

For the shower head:

  • Remove shower rose from the shower head stem.
  • Use equal parts vinegar and hot water 1:1. Place the shower rose in the solution for between 15 - 20mins
  • (Note: the face of the shower rose cannot be removed for cleaning purposes.)

 For the handpiece:

  • Use equal parts vinegar and hot water 1:1. Soak the handpiece with the nozzles facing down.
  • Wait 10 - 15 minutes and clean handpiece with soft microfiber cloth.

This method is usually sufficient to clean the shower heads and handpieces. If extra cleaning is still required use a soft brush.