All pressures, integrated outlet mixer with one point installation for time and cost savings


Suitable for

All Pressures up to 500kPa


$207 (mixing valve only)


5 year warranty
12 months commercial warranty

Technical Specifications

Feltonmix® Technology

  • Unequal, equal low or equal high (mains) water pressure
  • Shallow/standard wall depth
  • Low-mid range bathroom budget
  • You want to save time and cost with a single point installation (without a separate outlet to an elbow)
  • You need the option to convert your bath to a shower without removing the wall lining
  • You want the option of changing from a fixed rose to a hand shower or vice versa without having to change the pipe work
  • You need a child tamper-proof shower with the temperature control at adult head height
Feltonmix Line drawing 01