Oxijet® Technology

04 Sep 2018

Oxijet® Technology

The Felton Oxijet®™ uses the latest aeration technology to enhance the shower with air. This mains pressure water saving device volumises the stream with air, giving you a more luxurious shower and powerful spray, while reducing water consumption.

NOTE: The product is not intended for multi-function handpieces or showerheads where there is built-in restriction that cannot be removed.

There are three different types:
Oxijet™ - to fit Handpiece (yellow baffles)
Oxijet™ - to fit female fixed rose (pink baffles)
Oxijet™ - to fit male fixed rose (blue baffles)

Oxijet™ was designed and manufactured by Felton, and incorporates features based on previously reported CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) know how. Find out more about Oxijet™ on our new Oxijet™ website- www.oxijet.com

In many main pressure situations the Oxijet will pay for itself in water and energy savings, all while helping you do your best to preserve our beautiful planet.

Take a look at our video:

Easy DIY no plumbers required!

How to fit a Felton Oxijet to your shower handpiece:

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How to fit a Felton Oxijet to a male fixed rose
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Written by Heather M