Bathroom Trends 2018

16 Feb 2018

Bathroom Trends 2018

Digital Space

We’re expecting to see more technology within the bathroom and kitchen space, with technology becoming more automated, your day to day activities will soon be filled with devices that will cater to your everyday needs - a simple touch of a button will memorise your temperature and flow to give you the perfect shower every time or giving demands to your device to “fill the bath tub”. Possibilities are limitless and we’re excited for what is yet to come.


Decorative tiling

The minimalist style is still here and current, but we’re beginning to notice a bit more decorative tiles for this coming year. It’s the dramatic and bold look that gives your bathroom a strong contrast. This look is definitely for the adventurous who loves to make a statement in their bathroom.


One Material Bathrooms

Take your tiling to the next level – create your entire space with one material from floor to wall to get that immersive atmosphere. This look can often be a bit daunting to the eye but with the right colour accent and tile, it can transform and freshen up your whole space.


Black fixtures

Last year, we spoke about styling matte black tapware. It looks like this trend is here to stay, with bigger and bolder accents. Not just limited to black tapware, we’re seeing black accessories – black chairs, black door hooks and black towel rails. We love the contrast between matte black accents with white tiles – it’s the perfect combination.


Statement mirrors

Large mirrors are an emerging trend and its becoming the statement piece in bathroom design. We’re ditching the full stand, linear mirrors and opting for large circle mirrors. We find that a bold mirror can reshape the entire space with its symmetrical and uniform look. Look out for copper or black frames – it’s subtle yet noticeable in the small detail of colour.

Written by Ellen Ip