Introducing Tate

30 Jun 2021

Introducing Tate

The Tate range encapsulates the perfect combination of form, function and finish, presented in a range of exquisite colours.

The current housing landscape of New Zealand has seen an increasing demand for homes where the push for new builds is more compact and versatile with efficient living spaces. Suitable for both residential and commercial use Tate is a high end, compact and minimalist range offering both conventional tapware and a selection of digital mixers featuring Swiss technology and German components. The collection includes Kitchen tapware, bathroom tapware, shower mixers and a range of showering solutions from rose to rain head, slide showers and rain columns.

Tate’s apparent simplicity belies its form and function - each product has been designed for ease of use with single lever, pin handles that are easy to use with one hand. Consideration of charm and elegance played a big part in the development of the range. Attention to subtle yet bold details, negative and positive space led to the indentation on the handles of the products and this sets the range apart.

We chose machined brass for its high quality, safety and longevity and quality European cartridges. The digital mixers prevent spikes in water temperatures when other taps in the house are used, making it safer especially for children and the elderly. Memory settings allow the users to select their preferred temperature and flow* rate at a touch of the button.

Tate is available in a variety of solid colour finishes and the modularity of the designs allows for selected finishes to be combined for an elevated, unique look to the bathroom or kitchen.

Learn more about the Tate Collection here.

*The Tate Digital Wall Mounted Mixer and the Tate Digital Deck Mounted Mixer have a fixed flow rate, i.e. no flow adjustment function. If you would like to control flow rates for these products, simply purchase the Tate Digital Shower Mixer and pair it with the Tate Wall Mounted Spout or Tate Deck Mounted Spout.