Fusion Plus® Technology – Truly Future Proof

13 Nov 2019

Fusion Plus® Technology – Truly Future Proof

In April 2019 we launched the new and improved Fusion Plus® Shower Mixer technology.

What is Fusion Plus®?
The Fusion Plus® is an All Pressure shower mixer supplied with venturi jets for better performance and user experience on unequal pressures. It’s patented technology allows for full front of wall access for maintenance and future upgrades, all without removing the faceplate.

How can FUSION PLUS® save time & money?

Full service access from front of the wall equates to valuable time and cost savings. The existing wall lining can stay in place during any future maintenance or upgrades.

Improvements made to FUSION PLUS®:
Design improvements made to the venturi jet and internal body structure of the Fusion Plus® mixer have resulted in greater control of the hot/cold water mix in the comfort zone (37 - 42 Degrees C).

Is FUSION PLUS® right for me?

Available in selected ranges – view the full list here: https://www.felton.co.nz/technology/fusion-plus/

Find a stockist near you: https://www.felton.co.nz/find-retailers/

Written by Heather M