Introducing Designer 4

30 Nov 2023

Introducing Designer 4

The Designer range centres around the Feltonmix®, the first shower mixer to successfully apply the Venturi principle to mix hot and cold water supplied at different pressures. Trusted by New Zealand plumbers and homeowners for more than 50 years, the Feltonmix® continues to prove its reliability and performance time and time again.

Over time, the Feltonmix® and Designer wallsets have undergone a range of design innovation and iterations:

The Designer range includes mixing valves, wallsets, shower heads and slide showers and is

- Suitable for all pressures
- Proudly designed and made in NZ
- 5 year warranty

The Designer 4 Feltonmix® wallsets are available in white and chrome grey:

The wallset features Felton’s largest and widest Feltonmix® faceplate, designed for easier access and servicing when retrofitting over all earlier models. No need to remove the wall lining as all Designer 4 components are interchangeable with earlier wallset models.

View the full Designer range here.