Introducing Linea Aerlux™

31 Oct 2022

Introducing Linea Aerlux™

Our award winning Aerlux™ technology is now available in the Linea Aerlux™ Single Spray Slide Shower, the Linea Rain Shower Column and the Linea Aerlux™ Shower Rose.

The Aerlux™ technology (for mains pressure situations) gives you the freedom to create your ideal shower through unique spray options. The Aerlux™ jet draws in air, adding volume to each water droplet, creating a softer more radiant shower. Select between the two Aerlux™ jets – choose the purple for a harder shower and the orange for a softer shower.

Aerlux™ technology is also available in our Tate range

If you’re refreshing your bathroom and need a new handpiece you can purchase the Tate Aerlux™ handpiece or the Linea Aerlux™ handpiece as a spare part.

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