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Fusion Plus®

All pressures mixer for easy maintenance and future upgrades from front-of-wall

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Fusion Plus® Technology

  • Unequal, equal low or equal high (mains) water pressure
  • Shallow/standard wall depth
  • You're planning to upgrade your hot water cylinder from low to high
    pressure within the next few years, but want to save time and cost by
    leaving the existing wall lining in place
  • You want the option of limiting the hot water temperature for safety and/or
    energy saving
  • You want the option of setting the maximum flow limit for water saving
Fusion Plus®
Fusion Plus®

Fusion Plus® Exploded-view

Available spare parts:

  • Fusion Plus Venturi Jets (includes two jets) - EN0325
  • Proprietary Felton F5 Cartridge - EN0039
  • Fusion Plus Nut (55mm) - EN0232
  • Fusion Plus Disc - EN0298
Fusion Plus®