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The Felton Oxijet™ is a water saving shower attachment that changes the characteristics of your shower when compared to traditional flow restrictors. While saving water, it gives a luxurious showering experience.

The Oxijet™ utilise the venturi effect, jetting the water through 4 micro nozzles. This increases the water speed dragging air through the coloured baffles. This air volumizes the water stream, forming small bubbles that burst when they touch your skin.

If you have a shower handpiece, use the Oxijet™ with yellow baffles. 

If you have a fixed rose with a female thread, use the Oxijet™ with pink baffles. 

If you have a fixed rose with a male thread, use the Oxijet™ with blue baffles.  

If you have mains pressure (over 300 kPa/3 Bar), and a non-restrictive handpiece/fixed rose, the Oxijet™ should work for you.

The Oxijet™ will NOT work if you have any of the following:

  • Low flow electric shower
  • Low or unequal water pressures
  • A restrictive handpiece/fixed rose.

It is made from DR Brass, which is machined, and then chrome plated. The baffles are made from silicon rubber.

A restrictive handpiece/fixed rose is one that has a flow restrictor or flow saving device fitted to it that can't be removed.

Some handpieces and fixed roses have flow restrictors which can be removed. These will work with the Oxijet™, but the restrictors must be removed first.

If your Oxijet™ is installed so that waterflow follows the direction of the arrow and yet water is leaking out the baffles there are two potential causes:

  • Your handpiece or fixed rose may contain a flow restrictor. If it is removable please take it out. If it is not, you may have a restrictive handpiece/rose and the Oxijet™ will not work for you.
  • The water may appear to be coming from the baffles, the actual leak may be caused by the Oxijet™ not sealing on the hose/stem's rubber washer. We've made the threads on the Oxijet™ longer than most fittings. They will work but it may not fit every shower in the market. Please check that the washer is installed correctly in the hose/stem, and that the Oxijet™ is tightened firmly.

Note: even though water may be coming out of the inlet baffles, the Oxijet™ will still be working. Compare the difference in spray appearance with it fitted to without is fitted.

This is normal, and is part of the self-draining function of the Oxijet™. A common observation is that when showers are turned off, water left in the rose/handpiece may drip for some minutes before draining. A handpiece/rose fitted with an Oxijet™ will drain almost immediately.

This is normal. Small droplets of water may escape due to the turbulence created by the jets within the Oxijet™.

This is normal. While the baffles reduce the noise of the air entering the stream, the noise of air exiting your handpiece or rose is not preventable, and is simply a sign that the Oxijet™ is performing well.

If the flow through the Oxijet™ is too low to provide an adequate shower, there are three potential causes:

  • You may not have mains pressure, and your pressures are most likely below 300kPa, and therefore the Oxijet™ is not suitable.
  • You may have a flow restrictor somewhere in the system. For a fixed rose, please check within the stem. For a handpiece, at both ends of the hose (including the wall elbow).
  • If neither of the previous situations apply to you, it is most likely that you have a restrictive handpiece, and therefore the Oxijet™ is not suitable for use.

The flow resistance through the Oxijet™ will create extra pressure within your shower hose. We recommend only EN1113 rated shower hoses are suitable for use with Oxijet™. There are some shower hoses supplied into the Australian market that do not meet this quality standard, and these may leak under increased pressure. Replace with a standard approved hose.

If you're unsure what your pressure system is, try the Thumb Test as a rough guide:

  • If you can hold your thumb over the outlet of the tap while it is fully turned on (either hot or cold), it is most definitely low pressure. Be careful not to scald yourself when checking the hot supply. Always check with your plumber to confirm.

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**Digital products do not have the option for a lifetime extension

The Fusion Plus® is an all pressure shower mixer with patented technology that allows for full front of wall access for maintenance and future upgrades — without removing the faceplate.

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Please check the installation guide of the product you are fitting, as it contains a page which shows you how to remove the cartridge disc to clean the cold line mesh filter. You can access the installation guide on the product page.

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  • Limescale/calcification build up
  • Foreign matter/debris


  • If there is a build-up of limescale - remove with a fingernail or a soft brush
  • Foreign matter/debris - some shower heads and handpieces can be dismantled for cleaning however most cannot. Please call us and we can confirm if cleaning is possible. We recommend a suitable filter is installed in all domestic and commercial situations to protect the entire property.

If cleaning is required follow the steps below.

For the shower head:

  • Remove shower rose from the shower head stem.
  • Use equal parts vinegar and hot water 1:1. Place the shower rose in the solution for between 15 - 20mins
  • (Note: the face of the shower rose cannot be removed for cleaning purposes.)

 For the handpiece:

  • Use equal parts vinegar and hot water 1:1. Soak the handpiece with the nozzles facing down.
  • Wait 10 - 15 minutes and clean handpiece with soft microfiber cloth.

This method is usually sufficient to clean the shower heads and handpieces. If extra cleaning is still required use a soft brush.

WELS is an acronym for the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. It is a national New Zealand regulation established by the Ministry for Environment, compulsory for suppliers of certain water using/dispensing devices, including taps and showers, as a water usage rating system. It allows consumers to make decisions to conserve water and money by comparing the water efficiency between different products. The WELS labelling scheme provides a national standardised star rating system from 0 to 6 stars. The less star rating a product has, the less water efficient it is.

WaterMark™ is a product performance certification mark owned by the ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board). It is designed to show compliance to and that the product has been tested to specific standards for product quality, performance. This includes that the products won't contaminate water. It is an independently verified assurance scheme to show that it is fit for purpose. Felton products complies with WaterMark requirements, although it is not compulsory to have Watermark in New Zealand.

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Not all branches stock our full range of spare parts however, you can do a special order at your local branch. Just speak to your local plumbing merchant for more details.

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