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Kiwi born and Kiwi bred, the Felton story started over 45 years ago in a purpose-built factory in the Auckland suburb of Glen Innes. With a vision of providing New Zealanders with market leading, functional and top quality showerware and tapware, Felton still proudly designs and finishes each and every product right here in Aoteroa. At the forefront of innovation, Felton’s sleek and modern designs are focused on the end user, combining technologies with aesthetic appeal.

Felton History

In the 1960’s, Kiwis needed a shower that didn’t require juggling separate hot and cold taps. Shower mixers made overseas didn’t work well here, because they weren’t designed for NZ’s unequal pressure system where the hot water pressure is much lower than the cold water pressure. In 1968, Felton was the first to come up with a solution to the problem and introduced a shower mixing valve that works best for NZ’s unequal pressure system. In its day, the iconic Feltonmix™ was an immediate success and a revolutionary piece of kit.

Even today, it’s estimated more than 50% of NZ homes are on an unequal pressure system. Innovation has played a major part in Felton’s ongoing success over the past 40 years. Today, Felton continues to develop new award winning water solutions with the capability to smoothly and accurately mix water at all pressures, including unequal pressures.


Felton company founder Max Davies (far left) and inventor Keith Relf (right)


Axiss Touch Tap and Fusion Plus won Bronze at Best Design Awards for consumer category


Ag Oxijet won Gold at Best Design Awards for non-consumer category


Feltonmix Designer III wallsets and shower head launched


Fusion Plus Shower Mixer developed and launched


Axiss Range tapware awarded Best Design Bronze for consumer product


Ag Oxijet™ Water saving wash down nozzle awarded Best Design Silver for conceptual/experimental product.


Oxijet™ Water Saving Product developed and launched. Best Design Finalist for sustainable product.


Versadisc™ Shower Mixer developed and launched. Awarded Best Design Silver for conceptual product.


SmartFlow™ Thermostatic Shower Mixer developed and launched.


Glu™ system patented and launched. Included glue on slide rails and door stops.


Moved to bigger premises on Farmhouse Lane, Glen Innes, after almost 40 years at Felton Matthew Ave


Extra safe low voltage 12 volt stainless steel heated towel rail designed and sold in NZ.


Felton became the first NZ Company to exhibit at ISH Frankfurt (Germany), the industries’ biggest international trade fair


The first Felton slide rail manufactured in NZ.


Introduced the first plastic bodied shower mixer.


Launched Feltonmix™ technology - the first shower mixer to work on unequal water pressure.


Founded in September by Max Davies at Felton Matthew Avenue – the origin of the company’s name.

The Beginning
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